What Healthy, All Natural, Fresh Baked Means to Us.

All too often we see the phrase "healthy, all natural, fresh baked pet treats." We see it in stores. We see it online. Heck, even your weird uncle George may post it on Facebook from time to time. Well maybe not but you get the idea. But what does that phrase mean? What is considered healthy or all natural or freshly baked even? Over here at Kingston's Kookies we can easily answer that question. To us it means we won't use ingredients we wouldn't eat ourselves. Well I mean except for catnip, because you eat it one time and the cat can't seem to stop licking your lips! We only source the most wholesome and organic ingredients for all of our recipes to ensure that your companion will only be receiving the best from us. We ourselves are uber animal lovers and we operate on the notion that our pets are extensions of ourselves. In that same vein, we extend this line of thinking to your pets as well. Our dog treats and cat treats are all freshly baked and vacuumed sealed to ensure they're at their peak freshness we they arrive on your doorstep. In short this is what the phrase "healthy, all natural, fresh baked" means to us!

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