Wait! My Cat Has How Many Bones?

This might be a question that you've asked yourself before. You've seen your cat land from some pretty high falls unscathed. You've picked him or her up and felt first hand how they seemingly turned into putty. You might be shocked to find out that the average cat has around 250 bones in their little furry bodies! How is this possible? My cat is able to squeeze through the tiniest of barriers to get to "freedom"!

A cat's ability to squeeze through small openings is attributed to their lack of a collarbone. This allows them to saunter through any opening that their head can fit through! A cat's back consists of 30 vertebrae but it is the discs between them that allow cats to twist and contort their bodies with ease. They can rotate their backs up to 180 degrees making for some impressive mid-air corrections, hence why cats "always land on their feet"!

Cats' tails consists of smaller and more cylindrical vertebrae. The smaller vertebrae grants cats the ability to move their tails with complete control over each individual vertebrae. This control allows for them to display a wide range of communication and also gives them an extremely good balance. Plus, most of a cat's communication is done through their tail. A high tail indicates confidence, playfulness, and contentment whereas a tail tucked underneath its body indicates fear or submission.

black cat walking outside
A Confident and Content Cat!

The next time you find yourself wondering how your cat is able to do some of the things it does keep in mind that he or she has a truly incredible skeletal system. Pop on over to the shop to grab a couple of Catnip Delights to keep your cat content and happy! Raised tail and all!

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