Meet the Owners

Have you been striving for every member of your family (yes, including Fido) to be more mindful of what they eat? Has it been difficult to also find brands that you trust? Well, then I think you've come to the right place. We all want our food to be clean, and for this initiative to include our pets so that they can live long, happy lives with us. But big brands don't always have your pets' best interest in mind. So we have designed a fun, easy way for people to buy delicious yet healthy treats to give to their beloved animals with peace of mind. Our website platform is an easy way to look at all of our options at once, and purchase them to be delivered right to your door! We also love coming up with and trying new, fun flavors (including seasonal ones!) so that there is a treat for every-pawdy! However, if you're going to trust someone with your animals it's important to know them a little bit better first. 


Hi! I'm Bryanna, the brains behind the operation. I'm so glad you're here my friend! I'm 23 years old, but my journey to this point hasn't been easy. I was born in Mobile, Alabama but shortly after my younger brother was born we relocated to Greensboro, North Carolina for my dad's job in 1999. Unfortunately, my parents divorced in 2006 and I quickly had to adjust to a new normal. Shortly after, though, in my free time I started to fantasize about different ideas for businesses and actually planned out quite a few. Fast forward a few years, and now my mom is moving my younger brother and I back to Alabama! This time to Daphne, but I never let go of my dream of owning businesses that helped animals. I really wanted to open a doggy daycare (which could still happen, who knows?) and it was hard to make people listen to a teenage girl with big dreams. But I knew that being an entrepreneur was the only thing I wanted to do. I ended up staying local for college and went to the University of South Alabama. USA has an amazing business school and the entrepreneurship major was growing so much while I attended! I learned so much and had so much hands-on experience. I even got to keep my other love, music, the whole time. I sang in the concert choir (and opera one semester!) and I'm so grateful I got to sing so many different, beautiful works and even masterpieces for large audiences with the symphony orchestra! I was in one fraternity - Sigma Alpha Iota, the international music fraternity for women - and one club - the Collegiate Entrepreneur's Organization. Both sharpened my skills, especially for leadership, and enhanced my experience. I graduated with a degree in Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship in May 2019. 

Nothing about this was easy, though, as I've also struggled with mental health issues since I was 13 and sometimes feel like I don't deserve to be successful. On the bright side though, during this entire time, I was dating Gerald - my high school sweetheart. We had already decided on moving to Auburn after graduation so that he could finish his veterinary medicine degree (because obviously he loves animals as much as I do)! It's been almost two years, and we love it here. Plans have changed, though, as he has joined the dark side and wants to be an entrepreneur with me but our mission remains the same: helping others give the best care to their animals. I also learned to love baking (thanks, Mom!) and when I wanted to create my first business I thought mashing my two loves together would be the perfect combination!

We would love for Kingston's Kookies to grow, so we're working on opening a brick-and-mortar bakery right here in our community! I would be ecstatic for us to expand into multiple locations too one day. We may dabble in other ventures, but right now making pet parents happy one treat bag at a time is my passion!

Well, thank you for reading my story! I hope you can tell that our treats come from a place of passion and so much love, and that I've inspired you to trust me to be your #1 treat provider for your precious baby. I'm looking forward to throwing my apron on and getting flour dusted just for them! Click shop now to get started!